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The Bangkok Hash House Harriers is Bangkok's gentlemen's hash. It is led by the Grand Master (GM), runs every Saturday at 5pm in Summer and 4.30pm in Winter, or according to whatever the GMT (Grand Master's Time) is published in the newsletter and on the website before the run. This is a MALE ONLY hash, unless there is an announcement relating to an 'open' outstation run. 


The run is usually in the bush, avoiding road running, notwithstanding a burgeoning metropolis fired by new rail routes to the outer provinces and sometimes if you are lucky, a run through the original and ancient areas of Bangkok and Thonburi (the old capital) over the river. A typical trail takes between one hour and one and a half hours to complete.  It is not competitive.  Some just walk and talk. There is always a cold beer and snacks afterwards and we reckon that these go down better than anywhere else in the world.  Wherever the run is around Bangkok or upcountry, we guarantee that you will see more of 'Amazing Thailand' and its wonderful people than you had planned.


Most run sites in Bangkok can be easily reached by taxi if you give yourself time and you can always check on pooled transport (WhatsApp Car Pool link Front Page). Committee members phone numbers and email addresses are also available on the same page of the website but not all live in Bangkok. However, if you are a modern independent and tech savvy man, just click the Google Maps run link on this website's Front Page usually shown for each run and either show or direct your taxi driver. The usual visitor's run fee is 350 Baht. So why not get a taste of what it is like to run with the finest men in hashing shirts on the City's premier hash?  


Useful phonetic phrases for you to use on the taxi driver if necessary:


Turn right - leow kwaah


Turn left - leow saigh


Slow down - bai cha cha noi


Stop here - yut ti nii


Speak to my friend (on this phone) he can give you directions - kui khap peuan khaw ja bok hay wa jah bai ti nai




I give up, let's turn around and go back to town - Well, fuck it Khun Somchai!!! Klap Sukhumvit kha phom!!!

Bangkok's Premier Male Hash Hashing in Bangkok since 1977
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